Titanium fiber sintered sheet

  • Titanium fiber sintered sheet
Titanium fiber sintered sheet

Titanium fiber sintered sheet

The Titanium Fiber Sintered Felt produced by CX-Induction is widely used in PEM water electrolysis hydrogen industry, PEMFC fuel cells industry and various places requiring corrosion resistance. It is ideal substitute for carbon fiber fuel cell gas diffusion layer.
It adopts mechanical method to produce Pure Titanium Fiber Micron Scale Precursor Fiber, which maintains the chemical composition of original Titanium material and mechanical property. It has excellent corrosion resistance and high specific strength.
Choose suitable fibre diameter and length, the workblank made by mesh mixing, carding and mechanical pressure has the characteristics of porous structure, porosity adjustable, large surface area, uniform aperture distribution and can be folded and bent.
The Titanium Fiber Felt sintered under vacuum high temperature has excellent three-dimensional fiber skeleton, pore and nodes distribution. Compared with Titanium Powder Sintered Sheet, it has higher strength and conductivity
Titanium Fiber Felt has strong oxidation resistance and can be arbitrarily cut, with good temperature and pressure resistance and light weight.
Titanium Fiber Felt has good air permeability and water permeability as well as good heat dissipation, No large nodules and air dead channels

Application of Titanium Fiber Felt
1.PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen industry
2.PEMFC fuel cell industry
3.Raw material chemical industry