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Warmly celebrate the successful delivery of “Georgia High Temperature Furnace” of CX-Induction

On December 12th, 2019, CX-Induction’s 3000℃ high-temperature graphitization furnace has been successfully installed in Georgia. This graphitization furnace is our patent product, actually, we have provided hundreds of this 3000℃ graphitization furnace for various universities, laboratories, and scientific research institutes. 
This furnace is a compact furnace that controls and switchgear integrated into furnace housing, which is a fully automatic one-button start-up operation. With the maximum operating temperature of 3000℃ and good internal temperature uniformity in the furnace, this mode can be used for the high-temperature graphitization heat treatment of various new carbon materials. 
The successful delivery of the order further strengthened the confidence of both parties in cooperation, which improve development together and also consolidated CX-Induction’s position in the international heat treatment industry. Based on the in-depth understanding of the market and customers' needs as well as continuous innovation in technology and marketing modes, CX-Induction always insists on providing customized products of new carbon materials heating treatment and perfect after-sales service to our customers.




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