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On January 17th, 2020, CX-Induction High-temperature Furnace Project successfully completed the equipment installation

On January 17th, 2020, High-Temperature Furnace Project started the equipment installation and commissioning work at the customer site in Japan. The main installation work is mainly carried out by engineer Mr. Luo and electrical engineer Mr. Zhang. CX-Induction arranged special worker to cooperate with the foreign installation, and all work was steadily and orderly advanced.
On January 17th, the installation of vacuum pipes and heating elements were completed.
On January 18th, the internal wiring installation was completed. 
On January 19th, the electrical distribution was successfully completed, and the installation of water-cooled pipes was also completed on the same day.
The installation of this furnace was completed ahead of schedule, which entered the next commissioning stage smoothly. 
On January 20th, the first heating test of the furnace was successfully completed.
On January 21th, CX-Induction ended the 7 days installation and commissioning of Japan High-temperature Furnace and the trial operation was successful. It marks a substantial step in our company to install modern equipment in the international market.  
The successful commissioning of this furnace will greatly improve Japan's company's production capacity, which will undoubtedly have important significance and far-reaching impact on the development of our overseas business.





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