Used for high-temperature graphitization of various powdered carbon and graphite materials. Cylindrical working chamber is especially suitable for high temperature treatment of powder and rolls. This furnace type is widely used in the graphitization process of polyimide thermal conductive graphite sheet (PI graphite sheet);


● The carbon film made by the pyrolysis of polyimide film in a carbonization furnace will be further heated to about 2800°C in a graphitization furnace to gradually form a layered graphite crystal structure till the graphitization completed to make synthetic graphite film with high thermal conductivity.

● The synthetic graphite film with a high thermal conductivity up to 2000W/m-K is widely used in the electronics industry, aviation industry, telecommunication industry, and lighting industry. Synthetic graphite film graphitization furnace is a special designed equipment for the production of synthetic graphite film ,its degree of graphitization can be hgih to above 99%.


● Chamber Options:Single or Multi-chamber

● Working Temperature: up to 3000°C

● Heating method: Medium frequency induction 

● Temperature Uniformity: ±15°C

● Furnace Type: Horizontal, Top loading, Bottom loading

● Atmosphere: Vacuum, N2, Ar

● Control mode: PLC programming automatic control, instrument real-time recording;

● With a USB interface, the recorded historical data can be transferred to the computer via a U disk at any time, with password protection, and the password can be exported to ensure the confidentiality of the process;

● Heating method: intermediate frequency induction graphite crucible heating;

● Protection device: all-round water and electricity measurement and control and alarm;

● The unique induction coil adopts 5 times of insulation treatment, which completely solves the application problem of induction coil or high-temperature insulation, and ensures that the coil can maintain good insulation performance under the conditions of corundum aging and cracking, which can effectively prevent the coil from ignition and current leakage. 

The supporting systems of the complete set of equipment include: vacuum system, gas purification system, cooling system, exhaust gas treatment, DCS central control system"