Anode Materials Graphitization Furnace

  • Anode Materials Graphitization Furnace
Anode Materials Graphitization Furnace

Anode Materials Graphitization Furnace

With the discovery and in-depth application of carbon nanotubes, new carbon nano conductive materials, lithium battery anode materials, graphene and other new carbon materials and carbon-based materials. Various new types of carbon materials are constantly emerging, making mass production, reducing production costs, and improving equipment utilization have become the first needs of customers in the industry. The one-controls-two and one-controls-four equipments produced by our company provide more choices for customers who need mass production.


Artificial graphite is a widely used anode material for new energy batteries. It is made from petroleum coke, needle coke, etc., through carbonization, graphitization and other processes.

Anode material graphitization furnace has dual functions of purification and graphitization, the carbon content can be improveded to more than 99.95%,even to 99.99995%,  at the same time, the degree of graphitization is improved to 99% or more.


●Chamber Options:Single or Multi-chamber

●Working Temperature: Up to 3000°C

●Heating Method: Medium frequncy induction

●Temperature Uniformity: ±15°C

●Furnace Type: Horizontal, Top loading, Bottom loading

●Atmosphere: Vacuum, N2, Ar

●Fully automatic PLC monitoring system.

●Remote operation, failure diagnosis and software upgrading.

●High automatic equipment, all the on/off switch components and all the running parameters are stored with the digital format in the PLC date base, there have communication interface for the convenience of customer intervene.

Optional Features:

●High Vacuum System: Vacuum and high vacuum operation of these furnaces is only possible up to 2200°C.

●Gas Purification System

●Closed Loop Cooling Water System

●Distributed Control System (DCS)

●Multi chambers (with only one control cabinet for all chambers)

It has the advantages of uniform temperature, short production cycle, centralized exhaust gas treatment, easy environment compliance, and the ability to install temperature measurement and control devices for timely control. It can realize hydraulic pressurization under special circumstances.