Graphitization high temperature infiltration furnace

  • Graphitization high temperature infiltration furnace
Graphitization high temperature infiltration furnace

Graphitization high temperature infiltration furnace

Product Introduction:

Furnaces are often used for high-temperature processing of carbon/carbon composite materials and carbon-based ceramic composite materials. It is also suitable for shaping and graphitizing carbon fiber filaments, and other materials that can be sintered and smelted in a carbon environment;


It is suitable for high-temperature infiltration and ceramic treatment of carbon/carbon composite materials, carbon-based materials, and composite materials based on ultra-high temperature ceramics.


● The equipment has a high degree of automation. All switch components and all operating parameters of the equipment are stored in the PLC database in digital form, and a communication interface can be reserved for customers to connect.

● The ultra-high temperature furnace body within 3000℃ can meet the graphitization treatment of various carbon materials.

● The digital display intelligent temperature control system is used to complete the temperature measurement and control process with full automatic and high precision. The system can heat up according to a given heating curve, and can store 20 heating curves with a total of 400 segments different processes.

● Thoroughly solve the problem of erosion and sinking of the crucible inside the horizontal graphitization furnace. 60 furnaces were actually produced and the sinking was only 5mm.

● Adopting internal circulating pure water cooling system; digital flow monitoring system, high-performance intermediate frequency contactor for furnace body conversion; comprehensive PLC water, electricity and gas automatic control and protection system.

● The unique induction coil adopts 5 times of insulation treatment, which completely solves the application problem of induction coil or high-temperature insulation, and ensures that the coil can maintain good insulation performance under the conditions of corundum aging and cracking, which can effectively prevent the coil from ignition and current leakage. And other phenomena.

● The supporting systems of the complete set of equipment include: vacuum system, gas purification system, cooling system, exhaust gas treatment, DCS central control system.