Highly Conductive Graphite Film

Highly conductive graphite film: After high temperature carbonization treatment and graphitization treatment, the Polyimide Film can to be highly conductive graphite film. It is widely used in high power LED, smart phones, LCD panel, tablet computer, laptop, etc.

Fuel Cell Electrode Material

Fuel cell electrode material- Carbon paper/ Carbon cloth: It is widely used in electrode as the gas diffusion layer material.

Negative Electrode Material Of Lithium Battery

Negative Electrode material of Lithium Battery: Nature graphite and synthetic graphite is the main negative electrode material at present. In order to change the turbostratic structure and improve the specific capacity of the battery, it may be a effective way that have the high temperature heating treatment to this material.

Cemented Carbide

Materials sintering process, such as cemented carbides, tungsten heavy alloys, stainless steel products, high-temperature alloys, magnetic materials, ceramic powder products, and Carbides etc.

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