CVD Furnace(C/C Composites Densification)

  • CVD Furnace(C/C Composites Densification)
CVD Furnace(C/C Composites Densification)

CVD Furnace(C/C Composites Densification)

One or more Controlled carbon source gases are pyrolyzed at high temperature. The pyrolyzed carbon deposites in the void of the precast unit and gradually grows into larger graphite crystals. By this way,a high-strength carbon fiber reinforced C/C composite was made.


rocket nozzle densification, engine throat densification, etc.


● Maximum temperature: 1300°C, Working temperature:1000°C  - 1200°C

● It can accurately control the gas flow and pressure, the deposition gas flow in the furnace is stable, and the pressure fluctuation range is small.

● Multi-channel deposition gas path, uniform flow field, no dead corners of deposition, and good deposition effect.

● Effective treatment of highly corrosive exhaust gas, flammable and explosive gas, solid dust and low melting point viscous products produced by deposition.

● Using anti-corrosion vacuum unit, long continuous working time and low maintenance rate.

● Vertical Bottom Loading with a single chamber or multi chambers design for high production capacity. The shell and door are water-cooled jacketed. Both the outer and inner layer of the furnace shell and door is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

● Stable hydraulic lifting system for the chamber door or bottom. Ground guide rail and skip car for bottom loading models.

● Induction coil covered by high-quality alumina coating in order to avoid short circuits between coil and carbon felt.

High vacuum pneumatic valves equipped with position indicators in order to automatically control the vacuum and gas supply system.

Over-temperature, over-pressure, gas status, water lack, and power failure alarms and automatic mechanical interlock for over-pressure protection.

All the running parameters are stored in the PLC system. All stored parameters can be transferred into your personal computer through a USB port.

High precision smart temperature controller which can store 20 programs with a total of 400 segments.

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