VGCF Purification Furnace

  • VGCF Purification Furnace
VGCF Purification Furnace

VGCF Purification Furnace


VGCF is widely used in an variety of industries such as new energy battery, resin composite, rubber composite, ceramics because of its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubricity, elasticity, adsorptive property and strength property. VGCF is a dominating conductive agent in new energy battery field.

Carbon nanotube,which made from nano-catalyst particles by CVD method,need to be improved to get a higher purity.The VGCF purification furnace uses physical purification method to purify the carbon nanotube at a temperature up to 3000℃. The catalyst content of carbon nanotube is improved to 5ppm or less , at the same time ,the degree of graphitization can be improved to 99% or more.


● Chamber Options:Single or Multi-chamber

● Working Temperature: Up to 3000°C

● Heating Method: Medium frequncy induction

● Temperature Uniformity: ±15°C

● Furnace Type: Horizontal, Top loading, Bottom loading

● Atmosphere: Vacuum, N2, Ar