How To Identify The Best 2500C Blackbody Furnace For Your Industry’s Graphitization Needs?

How To Identify The Best 2500C Blackbody Furnace For Your Industry’s Graphitization Needs?
The graphitization process is used for various purposes at various stages. Each prefers different types of 2500C Blackbody Furnace for their industrial process. This is a small guide to pick the right one for your industry.
There is a wide variety of 2500C Blackbody Furnace to choose from that can be used for graphitization of your choice. Not all do graphitization for the same needs and the same way. Some use it to extract graphite to make poles in batteries, some use it for material strength checking and so on. So here we have listed major graphitization furnaces and what they are best at to help you choose. 
What to know about Horizontal Graphitization Furnace with 2500CBlackbody Furnace?
It is named horizontal because of the front-loading nature of the input for the graphitization. The furnace is industry-grade with 2500C Blackbody Furnace and can go up to 3000℃, heated up by medium frequency induction. This is mainly used in large scale industries mainly for two reasons. The price is high and the size is enormous too. The front opening enables easy to repair in case of failure. Being front-load most often the feed is done manually as in alloy strength testing. 
How about Vertical Graphitization 2500C Blackbody Furnace? 
Vertical graphitization makes a difference by changing the loading and unloading positions to bottom and top to maintain the flow of the series of processes. Other than this, the whole mechanism of medium frequency induction heating, the center placed graphite susceptor are all the same. Vertical graphitization 2500C Blackbody Furnaces are used in an automated process where a series of objects need to undergo graphitization and the output is carried forward thereafter. Having bottom and top transfers, it loses out on repairability. There is a special version similar to this called the Bottom unloading graphitization furnace in which both loading and unloading happens in the bottom with the use of a hydraulic lift. These can be useful when using bulk, large and heavy feeds that need big loading area and heavy movers. 
How about trying Production Graphitization 2500C Blackbody Furnace?
The most commonly used production 2500C Blackbody Furnace for obtaining pure graphite using the graphitization process. The input needs to be fed in narrow openings and the process is seamless and automated and the output is collected at the other end. It is effective for powdered feeds like silicon carbide, which can produce a large amount of graphite, which, in turn, is used in poles of batteries and other graphite products.
Apart from this major 2500C blackbody furnace, you can find a laboratory furnace if you are looking for smaller ones or continuous melting furnaces if you are looking for a far bigger furnace. 

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