Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

Polyimide film carbonization furnace

For polyimide film, graphite products, and carbon materials’ carbonization process.

carbonization furnace

Hot Zone
● Multi-heating zones and separate temperature control ensure good temperature uniformity.
● Optional external circulating fast cooling system can shorten furnace production cycle.
● Allow for positive pressure and negative pressure carbonization process
● Can effectively handle tar, dust and tail gas produced during the carbonization.
● Achieve real zero-failure operation and automatic control design. Operational data are directly shown in the touch screen. Perfect alarming and locking stop protection device, water, power and gas automatic control make the operation easy and simple.
●The power supply cabinet adopts full sealed structure and have its own water cooling and air-cooled radiator, sharing no heat exchange with external. Advanced temperature control system using imported digital intelligent temperature measurement, achieving data communication with PLC, fulfill automatic high accurate temperature control and measurement. ●Easy temperature formula input operation, the furnace can be heated  according to its given heating curve and it can store 20 programs for about 400 sections of heating formulas.
● Closed internal water cooling system, digital traffic monitoring system provides flow monitoring for every single water current.

  Unit CX-THW-S40-40/120 CX-THW-S50-50/150 CX-THW-S60-60/160 CX-THW-S60-60/200
Heating elements(L*W*H) mm 400*400*1200 500*500*1500 600*600*1800 600*600*2000
Power Kw 75 90 120 160
Max working temperature 1600 1600 1600 1600
Ultimate vacuum rate Pa 1.2*10-1 1.2*10-1 1.2*10-1 1.2*10-1
Pressure rise rate Pa/h 1.33 1.33 1.33 1.33
Temperature difference ±5 ±5 ±5 ±5

Complete equipment configuration including:Vacuum system; Purification system; Water cooling system; Tail gas eliminate treatment system; DCS central control system

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