Laboratory Graphitization Furnace

High temperature graphitization lab furnace

 Graphitization treatment for carbon nanotube, new carbon nanomaterials, soft graphite and graphene, new carbon materials.

It is ideal equipment for various high end researchers dedicate on their new material’s development. the simple operation and easy maintenance of this furnace saving them lots of time and energy to focus on the research works.
Technical data
● Max continuous working temperature: 2850 Celsius degree(over 12 hours)
● Max design temperature: 3000 Celsius degree(max continuous working temperature <2 hours)
● Working gas in the furnace: nitrogen, Ar(flow rate ≮0.5m3/h ) vacuum(less then 2300 Celsius degree, please specify when ordering)
● Dimension of furnace hearth: φ200×350mm(inside loading space)
● Rated output power: 60KW, actual power usage is less than 50KW
● Rated IF frequency: 4000Hz
● Temperature measurement: dual color infrared temperature measurement
● Range of measurement: 1000-3200℃ ( if the range of measurement needs to be 0-3200 Celsius degree, please specify when ordering, our standard measurement starts with 1000 Celsius degree)
● Mode of temperature measurement: automatic programmed temperature measurement
● Application: high temperature graphitization
● Cooling water usage: ≤20m7/h (the equipment is self-contained)
● Reserve water usage: ≤8m7/h (the equipment is self-contained)
● Internal circulating water quality: distilled water or purified water
● Pressure in internal circulating water: 0.2~0.3MPa
● Power supply: three phase five wire type, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
● Cooling protection: multi protections from water flow, water pressure and water temperature for cooling water.
● Limited heating speed: less than 60 minutes


Heating screen

● One switch to turn on/off the whole device automatically
● “self service” type technical data setting. All the technical data such as vacuum rate, vacuum time, target temperature, holding time, gas conditions and type of gas, all these data can be self -programmed for automatic operation.
● Internal closed loop water cooling system, completely discards the external cooling system, and this compact size design furnace is totally suitable for various research institution site and office buildings.
● Consumable heating material are all of package-installation. All the consumable heating materials can be easily replaced within 1 hours by workers.
● Super high temperature furnace hearth can meet various materials’ sintering and graphitization treatment.
● Multiple inlet and outlet ports are reserved for various complex operations.
● Imported high accuracy infrared temperature measurement to ensure accurate temperature measurement.Intelligent digital display temperature measurement system can complete the temperature control and measurement automatically with high accuracy. This system can rise the temperature according to given temperature curve and it can store 20 programs for about 400 sections of heating curve formulas.
● IGBT power devices with full protections and controls on overload, short circuit and over pressure problems.
● All the components are serial numbered according to the schematic, greatly decreased the maintenance time and made it possible for remote maintenance.
● The human-machine interface is used for clearly data display and easy furnace operation.
Optional Features
• High vacuum system to achieve 10-5 mbar vacuum level
• Dewaxing-Sintering processes in one furnace: Dewaxing system including downward gas stream, hot pipeline with temperature control of pipeline to avoid wax condensation in pipes, condenser for trapping of waxes.
• Gas Purification System
• Cooling Water System
• Distributed Control System (DCS)
• Double chambers (with only one control cabinet for two chambers)
• Vertical top loading or bottom loading design

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