Cemented Carbide Sintering Furn

Cemented carbide sintering furnace

Product Introduction
CX-HSF series sintering furnaces operate with rough vacuum and protective gases such as Argon and Nitrogen. CX-HSF series can’t operate in an oxygen atmosphere due to graphite crucible and graphite insulation used inside furnace.
The horizontal design with double doors at front and back of the furnace, allows for easy loading and unloading. Three different sizes of this furnace are available in CX-Induction and other sizes can be customized according to client’s requirements.
CX-HSF series use medium frequency induction heating method. A water cooled induction coil installed inside the furnace. At the center of the coil, there is a graphite crucible as the susceptor for induction current, surrounded by carbon felt as the insulation material.
With maximum temperatures up to 1550 °C and fast cooling (quenching) system, CX-HSF series are suited for a range of sintering and heat treatment processes. 
CX-HSF series sintering furnaces are batch-type induction heating furnaces which are mainly used for sintering process of cemented carbides, tungsten heavy alloys, stainless steel products, high-temperature alloys, magnetic materials, ceramic powder products, and Carbides etc.
General Features
• The furnace is horizontal type with single chamber. The shell and door are water-cooled jacketed. The outer layer of the furnace shell is made of carbon steel while the inner layer is made of SS304 stainless steel. The inner stainless steel wall features long time uses without rusting as well as less adsorption of induction eddy currents in comparison to plain carbon steel.
• Easy access to all hot zone space via double doors at front and back of the furnace. Manual clamping for doors sealing.
• Induction coil covered by high quality alumina mortar in order to avoid short circuit between coil and carbon felt.
• High vacuum pneumatic valves equipped with position indicator in order to automatic control of the vacuum and gas system.
• Use of two sets of gas rotameters in order to control gas flow into the furnace. 
• Equipped with pressure transducer in order to monitor pressure level inside the chamber. In case of overpressure, a relief valve will adjust the pressure inside the chamber.
• Fast gas cooling (quenching) accessories include motor, impeller fan, build-in heat sink and ventilator door in heat shield.
Optional Features
• High vacuum system to achieve 10-5 mbar vacuum level
• Dewaxing-Sintering processes in one furnace: Dewaxing system including downward gas stream, hot pipeline with temperature control of pipeline to avoid wax condensation in pipes, condenser for trapping of waxes.
• Gas Purification System
• Cooling Water System
• Distributed Control System (DCS)
• Double chambers (with only one control cabinet for two chambers)
• Vertical top loading or bottom loading design

                              Technical Details:
Model CX-HSF300 CX-HSF400 CX-HSF500
Max Working Temperature 1550 °C 1550 °C 1550 °C
Usable Space (mm) W×H×L 300×300×600 400×400×1000 500×500×1200
Max. Loading Capacity 150 kg 300 kg 500 kg
Temperature Uniformity
(ΔT between 1000°C and 1550°C)
±10 °C ±10 °C ±10 °C
Max. Heat-up Rate (CEDRT)* 15 °C/min 15 °C/min 15 °C/min
Heating Power 75 KW 90 KW 135 KW
Ultimate Vacuum (CEDRT)* 0.02 mbar 0.02 mbar 0.02 mbar
Pressure Rise 0.01 mbar/hr 0.01 mbar/hr 0.01 mbar/hr
Working Atmosphere Vacuum / Inert Gas (Ar or N2) Vacuum / Inert Gas (Ar or N2) Vacuum / Inert Gas (Ar or N2)
Quenching Gas Pressure 1.5 bar

(Absolute Pressure)
1.5 bar

 (Absolute Pressure)
1.5 bar

 (Absolute Pressure)
Wax Removal Efficiency
(Tested with Paraffin wax at partial pressure)
≥96% ≥96% ≥96%
Supply Voltage 3P, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz 3P, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz 3P, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Cooling Water Pressure 1~2 bar 1~2 bar 1~2 bar
Cooling Water Temperature ≤28 °C ≤28 °C ≤28 °C

                        * CEDRT: Clean, Empty, Dry, Room Temperature Furnace


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