Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

vacuum melting furnace

  Product Application
  Vacuum melting furnace is a uniformed vacuum metallurgic equipment for melting metals under the vacuum conditions with the principle of medium frequency induction heating. It is commonly suitable for research and production of nickel-based and its special steels, precision alloys, NdFeB, metal dysprosium, active metals, high temperature alloys, hydrogen storage materials, magnetic materials and etc. to be melted and casted with the vacuum or protective atmosphere.
Technical Parameters

Rated Temperature(℃) 1700
Crucible Capacity(KG) 5、10、25、50、
Pressure Rising Rate(Pa/H) <6
Limiting Vacuum in cold state (Pa) 6.67x10-3
Working vacuum(Pa) 6.67x10-2
Rated Frequency(Hz) 1000-4000
Rated Power(KW) 50-200
Rated Voltage(V) 375
Inflation Pressure(Mpa) <0.03
  Structure Introduction
  1. FURNACE BODY: Use the double layers water sandwich structure, the inner wall for stainless steel material(1Cr18Ni9Ti) with surface polishing, and the outer wall are used for high quality carbon steel and flange are welded to the cylinder structure. The flange plane has the opening seal groove, which is the "O" molding ring vacuum sealed and the cooling device is installed(to prevent aging due to the high temperature) with bleeder hole and etc. Also the step is included to operate conveniently.
  2. FURNACE LID: Use the double layers water sandwich header configuration and flange are welded to one whole, the inner wall is the stainless steel materials with surface polishing, and the outer wall for high quality carbon steel with the water cooling device, the rotary observation window, locking device and etc.
  3. FURNACE BOTTOM: Use the double layers water sandwich header configuration and simply group are welded to one whole, with the casting platform or hole (casting ingot used) and the water cooling system, the water cooling ingot mold device, the outer wall of furnace bottom welded with the pillar support which fixed the furnace body with connection together.
  4. FURNACE FRAME: The steel plates are welded into the frame structure and the furnace body is installed on the frame.
  5. INDUCTION COIL: made of the high quality rectangular copper tube which

inner connects the cooling water and outer connects the equipments
  6. COOLING SYSTEM: It is composed of various valve pipes and other related devices, which has the sound and light alarm and cut off the heating power function automatically.
  7. MEDIUM FREQUENCY POWER SUPPLY: Using the IGBT transistor power supply, reserved the interface as the one driving two.
  8. MAIN ELECTRODE AND RATARY BEARING OPERATION MECHANISM: the electrode, bend electrode and so on are connected with the induction coil to be completed part, and the casting process is achieved by the handle operation mechanism.
  9. VACUUM SYSTEM: adopt the triple pump configuration, one 2X-70 rotary vane mechanical pump and electromagnetic valve (prevent the vacuum pump oil flow backward due to sudden power failure), one ZJP-150 roots pump, and another convex cavity TK-300 diffusion pump with cold trap (avoid the oil steam into the furnace chamber) ,theφ300 high vacuum butterfly valve, the manual butterfly valve, theφ80 charging valve, the inflation valve, the deflation valve、the pump and the vacuum pipe are connected by metal corrugated hose quickly(slow shock), and the vacuum measurement is performed by the compound vacuum gauge.

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