technical consulting
We are an independent innovative company, which focuses on designing and manufacturing Medium and High-Frequency Induction Heating Equipment and Industrial Control Equipment range from 1500℃ to 3000℃. We have our own professional R&D department and have applied for more than 20 patents already. (Patent No. :ZL 2016 1 1255237.X)
We have a variety of experience required to provide proper technology that allows you to achieve maximum flexibility and meet strict industry demands.
We either offer standard designs and customized equipment according to your actual needs.

Letter of product quality commitment
1. All of our products are meeting national and relevant standards and customers' requirements.
2. Three quality guarantees. One year warranty (free maintenance in this year). Provide life-long maintenance, if the faults are caused by customers, we will only charge material cost and service fee.
3. If any problems happen in use, we will make treatment suggestions in time and arrange an engineer to solve the problem on-site if need.
4. This commitment will be a part of the contract and has equal legal force.

Letter of after-sales service commitment
With the tenet of “everything is for customer” and in order to achieve targets of “high-quality work” and “high-quality product”, we make below commitments to every customer:
1. All of our products are qualified products that have passed strict inspection. Accompanied by qualification certificate, specification, and related accessories. 
2. Provide every customer with technical documents, technical drawings, and technical parameters of the products. And responsible for technical consulting services.
3. According to customer’s requirements, we can arrange technical engineers to assist customers in-field installation, debugging, and technical guidance of products.
4. During the warranty period, we provide wearing parts for customers on discounts.
5. This commitment will be a part of the contract and has equal legal force.

The supply of equipment is just the first step for our cooperation, you will see our benefits in after-sale services and technological supports!


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