Continuous High Temperature Carbonization Furnace

  • Continuous High Temperature Carbonization Furnace
Continuous High Temperature Carbonization Furnace

Continuous High Temperature Carbonization Furnace

Product Introduction:

The high-temperature carbonization section is mainly used for high-temperature carbonization of carbon paper to increase the carbon content to more than 95%.


Carbon fiber, carbon cloth, and carbon paper are widely used as GDL(gas diffusion layers) for fuel cells. They are produced at 1600℃ in a continuous high-temperature carbonization furnace. After a long period of high-temperature heat treatment,the nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen in fibers and polymers are removed except carbon. The fibers are further transformed into a turbostratic graphite structure or graphite structure to obtain a higher carbon content and fiber orientation.


● Design temperature: 1600℃

● Operating temperature: RT~1600℃

● Heating zone: It consists of preheating zone, high temperature zone and cooling zone. The total length of each section is not less than 4 meters. The length of the constant temperature zone in the high temperature zone is ≥2.6 meters (detection temperature is 1600℃, temperature uniformity is ±10℃).

● Furnace size: H160mm×W850mm×L4m

● The location of the coke discharge port: set one each between zone 1 and zone 2 and between zone 2 and zone 3.

● Rated power: 120KW*3 zone

● Cooling water flow: 60m3/h

● Roller table position: the furnace is not equipped with an active drive roller table, relying on the nitrogen gas flow to suspend the carbon paper upwards

● Temperature measuring element: S platinum rhodium thermocouple, mounted vertically on the top for temperature measurement

● Control method: SCR intelligent control, with PID adjustment, temperature control instrument with RS485 communication interface.

● Temperature control zone: 3 zones, the number of temperature control groups is 3 groups

● Protective atmosphere: Nitrogen>80m3/h

● Outlet temperature: ≤300℃

● The effective size of the furnace mouth: 850×6~20mm, the height of the furnace mouth can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is 6-20mm.

● Furnace size: 850×(160~180)mm, the height can be appropriately increased according to the needs of the furnace structure.

● Elevation of furnace center: 1200mm±2mm

● Use medium: carbon material/high-purity Ar/high-purity N2


● Air seal with labyrinth design

● Less nitrogen consumption

● The oxygen and moisture adsorbed on the fiber surface are sharply reduced due to the purge gas inside the chamber,defects on the carbon fiber surface reduced accordingly.