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On July,2011,CX-induction has attended the World carbon Conference.

In July 2011, as a sponsor, CX-Induction has attended the Annual World Conference on Carbon Materials (Carbon 2011) with the theme of “ High quality carbon, a better life”, which was held in East China University of Science and Technology.

More than 800 representatives from 42 countries attended this meeting and have an in-depth communication around the following content:

Graphene; Nano carbon materials; Carbon energy storage and conversion; Porous carbon adsorption; Carbon fiber and composite materials; Precursors; Carbonization and graphitization; Calculation and simulation; Bio-carbon and safety; New experimental technology and characterization; Fast-loading carbon and industrial application, etc.

It covers the most cutting-edge, popular and common research directions in the world’s carbon field, as well as hot research area, scientific frontiers, production and application technology.






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