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Warmly celebrate the successful delivery of “Japan High-Temperature Furnace” of CX-Induction

On December 7th 2019, CX-Induction has successfully delivered High Temperature Furnaces to customers in Japan. With the target of customer satisfaction, CX-Induction has always been committed to customizing heat treatment programs for customer’s processes and doing services well.
With reliable quality assurance and superior product performance,  CX-Induction finally won the full trust of Japanese customers. After close communication, CX-Induction and Japan company are reached a strategic cooperation.
This furnace is customized exclusively for Japanese customers, designed and improved according to customer’s process. R&D research, design, purchase, production, sales and other departments worked closely together to put into production wholeheartedly, so that the furnace was ready for delivery in advance.
Japanese customers are very satisfied with CX-Induction. The successful delivery of the order further strengthened the confidence of both parties in cooperation, which improve development together and also consolidated CX-Induction’s position in the international heat treatment industry. Based on the in-depth understanding of the market and customers needs as well as continuous innovation in technology and marketing modes, CX-induction always insist on providing customized products of new carbon materials heating treatment and perfect after-sales service to our customers.




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