Graphene Film Graphitization Furnace(Horizontal)

  • Graphene Film Graphitization Furnace(Horizontal)
Graphene Film Graphitization Furnace(Horizontal)

Graphene Film Graphitization Furnace(Horizontal)

Product Introduction:

front loading batch type induction heating furnaces with round or cubic hot zone shape. Cubic hot zones are specially designed for clients who are not satisfied with round hot zones due to some reasons such as dead space.

The high-temperature treatment furnace is widely used in the graphitization process of the graphene heat-conducting sheet.

Compared with the conventional vertical graphitization furnace, its working principle is the same. It mainly has the advantages of convenient loading and unloading, convenient cleaning in the furnace, easier control of the operation status by the workshop patrol personnel.


Thermal graphene film graphitization furnace can be used for high-temperature graphitization of various carbon and graphite materials, especially for graphite block, graphite flake, graphite rod and graphite tubular to make anisotropic graphite with ordered graphite crystal structure. It is widely used in the graphitization of thermal graphene film industry.


● Chamber Options:Single or Multi-chamber

● Working Temperature: up to 3000°C

● Heating method: Medium frequency induction 

● Temperature Uniformity: ±15°C

● Furnace Type: Horizontal, Top loading, Bottom loading

● Atmosphere: Vacuum, N2, Ar


● Horizontal front loading with single chamber or multi chambers design for high production capacity.

● Induction coil covered by high quality alumina coating in order to avoid short circuit between coil and carbon felt.

● High vacuum pneumatic valves equipped with position indicator in order to automatic control of the vacuum and gas supply system.

● Over-temperature, over-pressure, gas status, water lack and power failure alarms and automatic mechanical interlock for over-pressure protection.

● All the running parameters are stored in the PLC system. 

● High precision smart temperature controller which can store 20 programs with total 400 segments.

● Remote operation, failure diagnosis and software upgrading.

● High automatic equipment, all the on/off switch components and all the running parameters are stored with the digital format in the PLC date base.

● Patented design for solving the erosion problem of the graphite crucible of the horizontal graphitization furnaces. 

The specially designed induction coil undergone 5 times insulation process, which completely solved the insulation applicable problem of induction coil under high temperature.

Optional Features:

● High Vacuum System: Vacuum and high vacuum operation of these furnaces is only possible up to 2200°C.

● Gas Purification System

● Closed Loop Cooling Water System

● Distributed Control System (DCS)

● Multi chambers (with only one control cabinet for all chambers